Wednesday, September 3, 2014


How is it that she can be so sweet and such a stinker at the same time! She fights..she screams...she's stubborn...she has the best selective hearing. She crawls into my lap and says, "Mom, I want you. Hold me."

"Ganks Mom, you're the best girl ever!"

"Don't be a brat Mom, I want a whole bunch of tia!" (tortilla)

"ninety, twelve, fourteen, NINETY!!!"

"Time to pick up your toys!"
"Aw come on Mom!"

To every random person...
"Hi! What your name?"
"Miss Kelly. What's your name?"
"Um Jaina and Ava and Odder and Mama and Daddy and Tap."

"I just like Ava."

"Do you want salad or macaroni for lunch?"
"Ummm ice feem."
"No sweetie, salad or macaroni?"
"Ice feem."
(she knows what she wants)

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