Saturday, November 22, 2014


"You know the best way to interact with your dog? Without your hands because dogs don't have hands.... Ow! My face!!!"

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Oscar has finally started to crawl! Just a couple of days after turning 7 months. 
He also cut his first top tooth. (on the right)
My favorite place to take his picture is in his chair. He moves less that way. :)

Friday, November 14, 2014


Ava had her first sleepover with this sweet girl a couple of weeks ago. She spent the weekend with us and they had so much fun together. 


Ava is not very tolerant to the cold. She refuses to wear a coat. She refuses to wear leggings because they're too tight. She won't wear a shirt if the sleeves touch her hands. If you fold them up, they have to be the exact same length. She will not wear socks because they're thumpy. Yes, thumpy is a word in this house. 
On a recent trip to the store to buy some warmer clothes, she picked out some things and told me that she loved them and that she would wear them. We got home, tried her new clothes on and then threw a fit because there was something wrong with everything. I headed back to the store and returned almost all of it. 
So. Here's my problem. We can't avoid the outdoors. If she goes outside, she freezes and I look like a horrible mother for not dressing my child in weather appropriate clothing. Do I let her freeze? Do I force her to wear things she's going to throw a fit over every time she puts them on? Do I search high and low for things that she will wear? 
On the bright side, she will wear a hat. She likes hats. 


"Mommy, I want medicine."
"What do you need medicine for? Are you sick?"
"Well, when you had me and Jaina you didn't have any medicine right?"
"That's right, I didn't have any medicine when you were born."
"Ok, well I want to get married but..."
"Ava, you don't have to have a baby when you get married."
"But how, Mama?"
"Well sweetie, just because you get married doesn't mean you have to have a baby. You can just choose not to have one."
"But Mama, how can I not have a baby when I'm married?"
(I promptly changed the subject. I think she's been scarred for life since Oscar was born. She's decided she doesn't ever want to have a baby.)

When Jaina asks you a question, you had better answer right away because she'll say, "Why you not talkin' at me, Mama?"

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


  • 18 months clothes
  • moving into size 5 diapers
Oscar is SO close to crawling. He's a pro at going from all fours to sitting and back again. It looks like he's doing yoga all day. Downward dog is his favorite. :) 
He's really loving his mama. It's very dramatic when I leave the room....he loves to be held.
Eating 2-3 solid meals a day.
He's pretty good at putting himself to sleep. As long as he's fed and dry there's hardly a fuss. Makes my life easier. :) It seems like the whole sleeping routine gets easier with each baby. 
Two good naps a day.
Nights are still a bit rough but it could be worse. Goes to bed about 9 or ten. He's up 2-3 times every night between 1 and 5 am. 
Scares easily. Vacuum cleaners, running bath water, blenders....
Still giggly and happy almost all of the time.
Latest chatter: "dadadadadada"
Two little teeth on the bottom.
Bounces to music. :)
Difficult to photograph because he's constantly moving :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014


We've been potty training Jaina for a couple of weeks. It's amazing what waiting can do. The first time we tried, things did not go well. It was three days of pure torture. She's doing awesome this time around. We've only have a couple of accidents. It's still diapers or Pull-Ups for sleeping and outings (except for a couple of meetings when she's kept her undies on). The only problem is the #2. She hasn't quite got the hang of that yet. :( She's also very, very stubborn. Sometimes she flat out refuses to put underwear on.
Funny things she's said while potty training:
"Mom! It's not coming out!"
"It's empty. It's not coming out"
Ask her if she has to go and she says, "No, I'm good!"
One cool thing this time around is that she already takes herself potty and does everything herself. Sometimes Ava helps her which is sweet.

"Don't hug me! You have icky, gross fingers!"

"I won't never do dat never never never again!"

Sleeping Beauty is "Feeping Gooey"

"What er doing?"

"Why you so bossy, Ava? I mean, princess."

"Jaina, don't pull of of the toys out. That's naughty."
"Of course it's naughty. Don't bank (spank) me."

"She's feeping in she's bed."

"She's putting she's clothes on."

"I wanna giant watte!" (latte)

This girl is something else. When you tell her not to do something she laughs and thinks it's super funny. Drives us crazy. If you discipline further, she melts down and cries and cries. No happy medium. 

She loves loves loves to go on walks with Daddy.
Ava kissed a boy - on the lips. 
"Ava, why did you kiss Kaleb?" 
"Well, I tried to stop but I couldn't because he was just so handsome! And then he ran away because I was so beautiful."

"Thanks for running with me tonight."
"You're welcome. It was actually kind of fun!"
"I just wish you would wear tennis shoes..."
"Umm yeah. That's not gonna happen. Kids are just full of life, aren't they Mom?"

"So Mom, is Victoria going to be your pretend sister?"

"Mom, can you turn on some classical music? Like violin music? And turn it up real loud." 
(For some reason this makes me very, very happy)

Both girls are in bed by at 8 pm (or earlier depending how I'm feeling) and up at 7 am. Jaina takes one nap in the afternoon.
Oscar is so very close to crawling. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


We went with the Frozen theme for Halloween this year. Oscar's first Halloween as Olaf. :) A little bit of felt, glue and 20 minutes = cuteness. :)
Little Jaina was Anna :) It was her first year to actually go Trick or Treating and she loved it. She said "Happy Halloween!" and "Trick or Treat!" at every house. (Elsa and Anna pics taken a few days pre-Halloween)
Ava went as Elsa. Both of them brought home loads of candy. We had a few days of gorging on candy and then I sent it to work with Donald. :)