Thursday, February 14, 2013


Every time Ava gets out of the bathtub, Tap goes crazy. I don't know what's going on in his little doggie brain of his, but I can imagine that he's just so happy that she's done with her bath because he knows how much he hates them and that she must hate them too. :) He tears around at high speed, barks, growls and tries to kill the towel while Ava laughs and screams. It's hilarious. I'm so glad I finally caught it on camera....I want to remember these moments. 


 "You take two doughs and squirrel it like a ball and make an egg."

"I hope the sky doesn't crack. Cuz then it will crack and fall and bunged our heads and it will hurt!"

She wrote a letter to her friend.
Dear Jaslyn, 
Do not take everything away from everyone who recycles in town.

"Mom, I'm getting all wet! It's even raining in the car! The sky is leaking!!!"

Jaina has figured out how to feed the dog from her high chair.   

Ava is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to having someone else get into "her" stuff. Good thing Jaina is tough and can handle the bossy and the pushy most of the time.

I've noticed lately that after I feed Jaina and stand to burp her next to her crib, she fusses a bit, leans over and reaches for her bed. I lay her down and to sleep she goes. I love it.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013


oh, but she looks so sweet!
The newest little human in our family keeps us on our toes. She's given a whole new meaning to the term "baby proof." 
If there's a power cord, she'll find it and suck on it. Every little leaf and piece of fuzz goes into her mouth. Dog food for a snack? Sure, sounds good. She's a bulldozer. She's stubborn. Standing has brought a whole new set of goodies to grab. If she can reach it, she'll get it. She managed to get sissy's water bottle and figured out how to bite, suck and spew water all over herself.
The other night in the bathtub, she leaned forward and put her whole face in the water. I grabbed her and pulled her up, her eyes wide, gasping for air with a grin on her face. She did it two more times and finally figured out that it might not be a good idea. 
She's fearless. She's independent. She knows what she wants. She fights with her sister. Tell her no and she'll giggle.   
Where did she come from?  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I love to go on walks with Ava. We get within view of the mailbox and we race. She yells the whole way, "I wanna win! I wanna win! Noooooo!! I wanna win first!" Her hair streaming, running, looking back over her shoulder at me as I let her win (most of the time). 

Ava told me that she has two boyfriends. They're not cute, they're handsome. She likes Michael because of his legs and Danny because of his eyes. Exact words: "I looove them. They're uhmaaazing!" (face blush, eye roll) 

Uncle Lyle has been reading James and the Giant Peach to Ava via Facetime. She does well, sitting there, listening. Such a cool book...I should read it again for myself. :)

Ava came sneaking out of her room 45 minutes after she had been put to bed. This is was happened.
Mommy: "Ava, you need to get back to bed right now."
Ava, ignoring me completely, goes over to Donald and says,
"Daddy, can I program with you?"
"You wanna program Ava?"
"No, I just wanna sit with you."
"You wanna talk about methods?"
"You wanna talk about properties?"
"You wanna talk about class?"
"You wanna talk about variables?"
"Ok, go sit up in my chair." 
So, she runs over to the chair and climbs up, looking pleased as punch. 
"Ok Daddy, I'll sit right here and we can do a test!"
He got played. Like. A. Fiddle.

In one month, we'll be moved out of this house and into our new house. I can't wait for February to be over. So. Excited. I can't wait to spend my mornings on the patio, drinking a cup of coffee and looking out over the lake. I can't wait to spend the whole summer in the pool. Life is good. 

Friday, February 1, 2013


Months 6 and 7 were rough for our little one. 6 months brought RSV, pneumonia, ear infections and a stay in the hospital. 7 months brought another bout of the virus that's been going around...ear infections, congestion and another round of antibiotics. She's finally recovering and we're hoping to stay healthy for the rest of the flu season. This little bug has been through a lot already in her short life. 
  • 20 lbs
  • 12 month clothes
  • she's crawling full speed ahead all over the house and gets into everything! Such a little troublemaker!
  • 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom
  • she started feeding herself finger foods - green beans, black beans, sweet potatoes and those little yogurt bites and puffs from Target. I love how she holds a yogurt bite in her fingers and bites it in half with her little teeth. So dainty. :)
  • I've been making her baby food since she prefers it over store bought but she hasn't been all that interested in eating solids lately other than her finger foods. Oh, blueberry YoBaby yogurt -  she loves it!
  • She loves her sissy...her face lights up when she sees her.
  • waves "hi" 
  • puts herself to sleep. She's usually in bed by 8 pm and wakes up a couple times a night but it's not horrible. She's an early riser though...don't know were she got that!
  • pulled herself up to standing just before turning 8 months.
  • love her occasional open mouth slobbery kisses :) 
  • likes to drive us crazy with the "I drop it and you pick it up" game.