Sunday, February 3, 2013


I love to go on walks with Ava. We get within view of the mailbox and we race. She yells the whole way, "I wanna win! I wanna win! Noooooo!! I wanna win first!" Her hair streaming, running, looking back over her shoulder at me as I let her win (most of the time). 

Ava told me that she has two boyfriends. They're not cute, they're handsome. She likes Michael because of his legs and Danny because of his eyes. Exact words: "I looove them. They're uhmaaazing!" (face blush, eye roll) 

Uncle Lyle has been reading James and the Giant Peach to Ava via Facetime. She does well, sitting there, listening. Such a cool book...I should read it again for myself. :)

Ava came sneaking out of her room 45 minutes after she had been put to bed. This is was happened.
Mommy: "Ava, you need to get back to bed right now."
Ava, ignoring me completely, goes over to Donald and says,
"Daddy, can I program with you?"
"You wanna program Ava?"
"No, I just wanna sit with you."
"You wanna talk about methods?"
"You wanna talk about properties?"
"You wanna talk about class?"
"You wanna talk about variables?"
"Ok, go sit up in my chair." 
So, she runs over to the chair and climbs up, looking pleased as punch. 
"Ok Daddy, I'll sit right here and we can do a test!"
He got played. Like. A. Fiddle.

In one month, we'll be moved out of this house and into our new house. I can't wait for February to be over. So. Excited. I can't wait to spend my mornings on the patio, drinking a cup of coffee and looking out over the lake. I can't wait to spend the whole summer in the pool. Life is good. 

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