Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Oh my dear blog....How you've been neglected! I'm not sure yet if I'm going to blabber on and on in one post or break it into a few different ones....We'll see how it goes. :)

I'll just start by saying that life is good. Sure, it's far from perfect but when is life ever perfect? 
It's been almost 2 months since we bought our house and I love where we live. The neighborhood is awesome and the neighbors are friendly. There's a coffee shop, a bakery, a yarn shop, a quilt shop, a gas station, an ice cream shop, a hardware store, a grocery store and a bunch of other conveniences right around the corner. The lake walk runs just a couple of blocks away and Donald rides his bike almost every day to work. There are parks and beaches within walking distance. The air is fresh and clean. They say that it's been a warm summer and we've had some hot, humid days, but it usually cools off at night so we leave our windows open all of the time. 
Our house is old. It needs lots of work. It's sometimes a little bit discouraging but we're getting to a point where we can step back and take things a little bit slower. We've done some painting and fixing up in the basement. Donald has been working on plaster in the living room. It's easy to get overwhelmed with everything but I'm really enjoying this old house. Should I do some house fixing posts? I've considered starting a blog for house projects and before and afters....maybe we can enter a contest and someone else can come and fix our old house. haha. 

Since my last post, Oscar is officially taking only one nap a day, he's walking like a pro and he's working on his third molar (if it hasn't come through already). He loves to be near me and is content just to sit with me for longer than I can imagine a little boy would want to sit. He still doesn't talk much. You might hear a "mama" or a "dada" once in awhile but that's about it. Every animal makes the same sound. :) He LOVES dogs. 

Jaina is sometimes a little bit too friendly and outgoing. We meet a lot of people because of her. She asks everyone what their names are and usually has a conversation if there's time. She keeps us humble and on our toes. 

Ava is all ready for school. Supplies are sitting in the closet ready to go! 

When life gets hectic, I feel like organizing. I bought a planner and filled in everything I need to keep track of. From pay days, to Ava's events at school, to when bills are due, to meeting rotations and other appointments. It relaxes me. {Weirdo} I think that when it's all down on paper it's no longer swimming around in my head. 

The girls have been taking swimming lessons. Ava has really progressed and is slowly overcoming her fear of getting her face wet! Jaina had a hard time at her first lesson but she's warming up to it and does everything that Ava does but with the help of her teacher. 

We sat down last night a worked out a budget. It's about time! We've had some big "out of the ordinary" expenses and it's given us a little anxiety you might say. The goal is to save save save and not go behind every month! Spend less! Good luck to us! haha :) 

There have been a few big events recently so stay tuned! 

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