Friday, August 21, 2015


I laid awake last night, thinking about how kindergarten will change our lives. Besides the alarms clocks and schedules, how will it change life as we know it now? More specifically, how will it change life for Ava and Jaina?
Whether they like to admit it or not, they're best friends. You'd never believe it by the way they fight sometimes but they are. 
Best friends. 
Sometimes people ask me if they're twins. Imagine their surprise when I tell them they're three years apart!
They're together all day, every day. Age means nothing to them. They're 3 and 6. That's it. Just numbers.
All of that is about to change. This looming thing called kindergarten.
Soon, Ava will experience things and have a life that Jaina will know nothing about. Will it separate them? Or make they're time together even sweeter. 
I hope they're always best friends.  
I hope that when they're 13 and 16 that age is still nothing to them.
Just numbers.

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