Saturday, June 1, 2013


Sweet Jaina Mae...You turned 1 today! When you're in a good mood, we can get you to tell us that you're 1 by pointing your little finger. Today was a good day. We celebrated with our friends and ended the day with a swim in the pool. 
I love your hugs and kisses and the moments that you lay completely still on my shoulder. You love to give everyone big smacks. "Mmmmmmmaa!" Babies, dogs, sissy, Mommy and Daddy. 
Adventure is your middle name. You love everything that's not a toy and the stairs are your new conquest. You're afraid of nothing.
Either I didn't hear you last night or you slept the whole night through. Either way it was awesome and it's a step in the right direction. I do love our quiet times together in the middle of the night but I may love a whole nights sleep better. It's a toss-up. :)
For some reason, it's impossible for you to be quiet during meeting. We've tried lots of things but it just doesn't happen. 
I love your laugh. It's infectious.
I'm pretty sure that walking is your favorite way to move still crawl but it's not very often. 
The weaning is going pretty good. We're down to just before bedtime at night, once during the night if you wake up and sometimes in the morning. 
The screaming is much better but once in while you let it rip. When your mad, no will pay attention to you or when you're really crying.
Your getting pretty good at imitating sounds...especially the weird ones that sissy makes. I'm amazed at the things that you understand. Like when I ask you where your baby is, you look around until you find it. 
You are a beautiful little girl and I look forward to watching you grow up. Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much. Happy Birthday.


  • 23.6 lbs (85%)
  • 30.5 inches tall (92%)
  • head:18.5 inches (95%)
  • 18-24 month clothes
  • size 4-5 diapers

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