Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Just so this post doesn't sound completely horrible and negative, I'll tell you some things that I like about this place. :)
  • warm winters
  • having a tan all year

Now, to be totally honest, this place is nuts. Maybe I'm having a bad day but today I feel like we need to get out of here. We're barely into the summer months and when I got in the car at Target with the girls today, the thermometer said 121 degrees outside. Obviously it wasn't that hot out but still....the girls were dripping sweat back there in their seats. I do love the mild winters here but I'm asking myself if it's really worth it when the summers are unbearable. I burnt my fingers on the car door today! 
Have I mentioned the fire ants? Or the snakes? Humans are just not safe here. :) 
I apologize for offending anyone who loves Texas. :)
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


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