Friday, November 16, 2012


Miss Jaina has been extra fussy lately and now we know why! I felt the sharp little edge's her bottom right tooth in the middle (I'm sure there's a real name for it) :) 

Riding home from the grocery store, Ava had on a new pair of gloves and Donald and I were enjoying a little snack. Ava wanted some and said, "I'm gonna take off my gloves so I can eat it with my skin hands." :)

On not such a good note, Ava has learned how to lie to avoid getting in trouble. After a couple minutes of coaxing out the truth, the spilled medicine on her skirt went from just a little accident to a "pouring it down her throat because it tasted good." I gotta say, she's pretty good at it and didn't even crack a smile to give it away...need to keep an eye on her! Good thing there wasn't much medicine left...I told her that it can be very dangerous to take too much medicine and that she could die from it. She said, "I promise not to die anymore, Mama!" 

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