Sunday, November 11, 2012


"Mama, why are there 3 Mamas?" 
(yeah, I guess that could be confusing)

"Mama, does Santa Claus have claws?"
"No sweetie, he doesn't have claws."
"Yes he does because he's Santa Claws!"
(no wonder she doesn't like him)

Ava dresses up like Cinderella and calls me "Stepmother"...she calls Donald "Stepguy" :)

"Ava, how do you spell doughnut?"

Speaking of doughnuts...when Ava starts her whining and crying, Donald asks her if she wants a chocolate doughnut. She stops immediately and shakes her head yes. Obviously we don't give her chocolate doughnuts because she would be 100 lbs if we gave her one every time she threw a fit. :)

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