Thursday, March 12, 2015


 "Daddy! That is not an appropriate thing to say in the store!"

"Daddy, all you talk about is love when Mommy is around." 

Ava was wrestling Oscar away from the dog food. 
"Man! We need to put a force field around this!!"

My heart was sad tonight when I put Ava to bed. 
"Mom, I miss Ann and Naomi and Jasalyn really bad."
"I know you do sweetie.... Maybe you can write them letters tomorrow."
"But Mom, that not enough! I miss them really bad!" 
"Why don't we get some pictures so you can look at them all the time?"
"That will just make it worse. I want to move back. Why does Daddy have to work here?"

"Jaina! Do not selfish or foolish or jealous. Be kind and sweet and generous!"

"Whoa! Hot tamales!!"
"No Mom, it's coldamales!"

 "Mom, I wook crazy in deese pants. Yup, I wook crazy. Maybe when I get your size I can roller skate yike dis!"

Jaina calls Oscar "Gaga" "Baba" and "Poochie"

"Mommy, I'm so cold!"
"That's because you're eating cold cereal."
"No it's because of the earth."

"Oh Jaina! You smell funny!"
"No I don't! I wook radicwus!" (ridiculous) 

"Hey! It's almost Christmasteve!"

"Spoons are not for bums. They're for thoop!" (soup)

"Mom! Oscar is crawling on the fireplace! It is not awesome!"

She fell off her bike.
"That was not silly!"

She asks questions about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
"Where does apples grow? Where do bananas grow? Where do dresses grow? What is chocolate made of?"

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  1. Oh Your Girls keep you &Don on your toes !!!!!!! Questions is how they Learn ~ I dorrecall our 4kids Asking tons of Questions!!! with out our littles ones life would not be !! Tankful for them !! have beautifuk day !