Thursday, March 12, 2015


 ...We will soon have a kindergartner. How does time fly? One minute you're holding them for the very first time and the next minute you're waving goodbye as the school bus pulls away. 

Minnesota requires that every child is screened before kindergarten. It's called Preschool Screening. I knew that the time of year was coming but since we don't know where she'll be going to school in the fall, I wasn't sure how to go about getting everything done. 
I called the school that I attended to get more information. The weird thing was, almost everyone on the phone directory was there when I went to school! I spoke to the elementary receptionist and she connected me with the school nurse. The same nurse that let me lay on the school bed with tummy ache....the mom of one of my good high school friends. 
It turned out that Preschool Screening was the day before but she was kind enough to set aside time the following week to see Ava. 
Walking into the school with my five year old in tow was like a dream. Time passes so quickly. 
I was excited.
Mrs. D did her knowledge assessment and she passed with flying colors.
The nurse, Mrs. G, did her hearing and sight tests. All was good except there is a chance that she may need glasses in the future. (The Dr. at her latest appointment wasn't too concerned.)
Ava and I stopped for coffee and a treat when we were finished at the school. How is it possible that she'll soon go out into the world and I will trust strangers to teach her...and help her...and protect her...and love her...and see her potential...and have her best interest in their hearts...and see her for the special little soul that she it?
How will I let go? 
She doesn't seem big enough.
Her feet don't even touch the floor.

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