Friday, January 30, 2015


A wise woman once told me that, "if you want to enlarge your heart, put more people in it." It's true. Texas now holds little pieces of our hearts and the people that we love will always have a special place. 

When I look to the future, I usually find it very easy to be thankful for open doors and new directions in life. I can see how our lives are planned so perfectly even when open doors are unexpected and the results surprise us. 

Usually, I reflect on closed doors with a little bit of  lot of sadness....
Sadness for what is left behind. Sadness for what will be missed.
I'm learning how to be thankful for closed doors....understanding that they are a part of the plan too. 

I'm also thankful that when doors open and close that it's always with perfect timing. 

And so... I move forward....thankful for the closed door and thankful for the open one... very, very thankful for the open one.

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