Monday, January 19, 2015


Jaina was sitting at the table today and said, "Ava, I just need some awone time."

Ava- "Mom, can I have an avocado?"
Me- "Why don't you have an apple instead?"
Ava- "Well I was thinking about something more exotic."

Me- "Why don't we have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow?!"
Jaina- "How about Craptain Crunch?"

I showed Ava a cute picture....
"Oh! That's adorbs!" 

I was talking with Ava about moving into a new house and decorating her new room and making it all cozy.....
"Mom, decorating is not's AWESOME!!"

Jaina said to Ava, "Sshhh! I'm trying concentrate here!"

Ava went on a walk with Donald and told him that, "Right now I'm the princess of Texas and pretty soon I'll be the princess of Duluth. It's going to be tough living in Minnesota because we have to rake leaves in the fall, shovel snow in the winter, chase bees in the spring and relax in the summer."

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