Tuesday, July 29, 2014


There were times I didn't think we'd make it. :)
We got the keys to our new place last Wednesday and started moving on Thursday. Turns out that we have way more stuff than we thought we did. On Friday we moved the furniture (thank goodness for the help of Brent's moving guys!) 
Ava escaped for the weekend and went to a friends house. This made life easier...Jaina played so well all by herself! The only mishap was when she brought me the scissors and told me that her shirt was broken. Six holes right across the front. :) She talked to herself all day long. 

"Jaina, what are you doing?"
"I not talkin for you. I talkin for myself!"

"Jaina, come and get dressed."
"Yes, dear."

"Mama, whose that noise?"

"Oopsie daisy!"

Sunday was Ava's birthday. (More on that later)
Now it's Tuesday. We don't have hot water. I have a mountain of paperwork and at least a week of cleaning left to do. 
I better get moving.

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