Tuesday, July 29, 2014


  • 43 inches (70%)
  • 37.4 lbs (25%)
  • size 9-10 shoes
  • size 5-6 clothes

Dear Ava,
You were born five years ago. Five years ago you changed our lives forever. You've grown into a little lady. Half child - half something else that's not quite grown up yet. Sometimes you're 5 going on 3 and sometimes you're 5 going on 15. I need to remind myself that you're only 5.
You're so good to your little brother. You love to sing to him and make him smile. 
You're relationship with your sister is a little bit more complicated. Sometimes you get along like hot fudge and ice cream....other times you fight like cats and dogs. This drives us totally crazy. 
Some days, you pick up your toys without us having to ask you twice....other days, not so much.
You spend weekends at your friend's house. You make your own PB&J. You write words like "Mom" "Dad" and "Tap" all by yourself.
You're quick to say "I love you" and "I'm sorry."
You're attitude is bigger than I care to admit.
Drama is your middle name. (especially when you skin your knee.)
Yesterday you told me, "Mom, I'm a little bit concerned."
"Why are you concerned?
"I'm concerned because there's no watermelon on my plate."
Sometimes I think that you should be going to Kindergarten this fall.....
You love art, music and singing. You love you swim but hate getting your face wet. 
You're a sensitive little soul with a fear of the new and unknown.
The smallest things in life excite you.
You're particular about your clothes....sometimes I call you "Thumpy Monkey" :)
I love you, Ava. I don't feel worthy to be your mom. I'm so lucky to have you...to know you. I want to be the best that I can be so that you grow into a wonderful young lady.
Happy Birthday, sweetie. Daddy and I love you so, so much.

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