Thursday, May 2, 2013


The corn on the cob had just started boiling when Ava came down from her nap. I turned off the burner.
"Mom! Why did you turn off the stove!?"
"Because it's done cooking."
"But Mom! It's too slimy!"
"Mom! It's too much corn juice on your face!"
"Mom! Why are are having corn? I don't like corn!"

Ava loves corn. Why is it that three going on four year olds are so contrary? Question everything and argue about the smallest things even when they are totally wrong? 

"Why did you put my toys on the table!?"
"Why did you use your yellow thing? I thought you were using the red one!"
"Why did Daddy put two bands on this cupboard?"
"This corn is too juicy! The beans have juice too!"

I guess life is hard when you're 3 going on 4. :)

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