Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Jaina has had a cough now for about a month. The past four days, it's gotten worse...a wet, nasty cough with lot's of congestion and a slowly rising fever. I took her to the Dr. today and they swabbed her nose and listened to her chest. The news is that she has RSV but her chest is clear. There's nothing they can do for it so it's lot's of rest and fluids for the little miss. It could get worse before it gets better and it will probably last for at least two weeks..maybe a month. So, we propped up her bed, plugged in the humidifier and slathered her with essential oils. Hopefully she'll get some rest tonight. 

Ava has been in top form lately:

"Daddy, can we go out and frake?" (she means rake)

"Mom, when I'm hungry that means I'm hungry and when I say hungry, that's what it is so...."

She's decided that she only looks nice if she wears all the same color and it must be pink. This morning she said, with tears streaming down her cheeks after I told her she needed to wear a different skirt, "But Mom! I just need more pink!!!"

We've been giving her chores like changing out the garbage and putting away the silverware. 

I've been in a funk lately. I don't know what it is but I've been crabby! Really need to turn this train around. :) 

Donald. is. still. working. I appreciate what he does for our little family. 

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