Friday, December 2, 2011


On Monday, Uncle Lyle left us after being here for 5 nights over the Thanksgiving holiday...We're always sad to see him go and we enjoy him popping in during the week to say hi. He and Ava enjoy spending time together. I gave Tap the ham bone from Sunday and he was sick for 3 days...poor thing. 

Tuesday...I decided to start potty training....a daunting task. We ran out of normal diapers so I figured it was a good time to start. We started using pull-ups for the ease of using the potty chair. Ava is NOT down with the whole "going potty in the toilet" thing. I even set the potty timer but not once did she go. I'd take her to the potty and 15 minutes later, I would take her again because she didn't go before and her pull-up would be wet. So frustrating. If there was someone I could pay to do this for me, I would gladly do it :) So, I've decided just to keep doing to pull-up thing to get her used to the idea and once she starts going in the toilet, then go to's probably not the best plan but that's it for now. 

Wednesday night at gospel meeting, Ava learned a valuable lesson...Do not put your notebook on the chair in front of you while everyone is standing to sing :) The look on her face as the elderly lady sat down on her notebook was priceless....she yanked desperately at the couple of inches sticking out and cried when I told her she would have to wait till the end of meeting to get her paper. 

Thursday was a good day. Clear blue skies, 55 felt more like spring than the 1st of December! Donald had jury duty but was home by 10 am...Ava and I headed out to meet Jen B. for lunch at Taco Del Mar - yum. We went to Target and Joann Fabric and then headed home. Ava took a "snooze" (where she sits and sings her bed for an hour and a half) and Tap and I went for a walk in the sunshine. A perfect day. Later that night, Ava was jumping on the couch and somehow bit the outside of her lip. Blood. I was a little shook up. She wouldn't let me touch it or wipe it so there is still a big bloody scab where there should not be a bloody scab :) She told me she had a balloon in her lip :) 

Today was another beautiful day. Uncle Lyle stopped by over lunch time for a couple of hours....He and Ava took a little walk and came back with Ava's selections from the store on the corner - 1 green apple, 1 avocado and 1 pint of strawberry milk. :) Ava and I talked to Grandma Lund and Auntie Drea on Google+ always makes home feel not so far away. 

Sometimes we head out to the coffee shop on Friday nights to listen to the live music, but tonight we're just relaxing at home...drinking hot chocolate...Ava's in the bath where there are more bubbles than there is water (because all of the water is on the floor)...anticipating another good day tomorrow at the zoo for the polar bear birthday party. 

Ava watched videos of herself as a baby and now wants me to sing "Oh Sweet Pea" to her every night before bed :) She dances to music with her eyes closed. She says "Thank you Mommy!" for every little thing. She sits down when she does something naughty so that I won't give her a spanking. She throws a fit when something isn't just perfect. (I think she gets that from her Dad :) ) She puts her own dish in the sink. She dresses herself (some days). She helps unload the dishwasher. She dreams about her "little baby sister" every night. :) 

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