Sunday, December 25, 2011


Today is not a bad day....compared to any other normal day, it's been a pretty good one. We went out for lunch, got the car washed, put Ava down for a nap and cleaned the house. But, knowing that Mom and Dad have a house full of people that are special to me makes it a difficult day. Donald is out on a walk so it's just Tap and I on the couch, in a house that's way too quiet for Christmas Day. I miss houses full of people...fires in the fireplace...skating on the lake....munching on goodies and playing games until after dark....I hope that next year will be like that. Hopefully next year we won't have to cross mountains to get home. 

In other news....
Ava has been "grounded" from her iphone for almost a week. She asks for it every day but we just tell her we don't know where it is. :) She's been extra bratty because of the things that she's learned from her little friend Franklin on YouTube. It's been a better week and she's played with her toys a lot more. I like it. 
The people that came to look at our house called and told us they really like it but that they're going to look around a bit more. Boy, do I want to get this thing sold. The more time that goes on, the more anxious I am to move and have a new adventure :) 
Ava has been telling random strangers that, "Mommy has a little tiny baby in her tummy!" It makes for some awkward moments. 
Speaking of baby...I've been feeling it move every once in awhile but I'm still a ball of nerves, tension and worry that everything is ok.  Sometimes it consumes me and it's hard to tell myself that whatever happens is supposed to happen. It's hard for me to believe now that it's possible for me to have another healthy child...that Ava wasn't just good luck. More than anything I want this little being to make it out into the world and be healthy. I want Ava to be a big sister. 
The past couple of days, I've been so thankful for our little family....Donald, Ava, Tap and I.  We've had it pretty good. :) I need to make the most of it. 

We went to Davison's for supper and games and didn't get home until 11pm! It was great!

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