Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Oscar and I were at the grocery store the other day and he was pushing his little mini cart around. He made a beeline for the donut holes and said, "Hey Mom! I'll get the meatballs!!"

Donald had a guy come over last week so that he could help him with some programming issues...As the guys were in the dining room talking, Ava and I were in the kitchen making supper. She was standing at the counter, cutting strawberries and she said dreamily to herself, "Ah I just love when he says database."

Oscar was on the scale in the bathroom at Mom and Dad's and he said, "Look Mom! It says it's time to go! But it's not."

Oscar: "Mom, are ants good for da erf?" (earth)

I put Oscars coat on him and he said, "Thank you Mom! It's just what I needed!"

Whenever Oscar goes potty he says, "Mooom! I goed! I feel I went pee on my leg." (points to his leg) "It's peetend." (pretend)

"Where does your food go when you eat, Oscar?"
"Umm your large testine and your leg."

We were at Target today and Oscar was sitting sideways in the child seat, peering behind me over my shoulder. Then, in a really soft voice, full of awe, he said, "Ooohh pretty girl!" 
I said, "What did you say Oscar?"
"Pretty girl!"
I glanced over my shoulder and saw a gorgeous girl, probably college age, walking behind us. 
Oh dear....he's only 3!!! 

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