Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Dear Jaina,
It's hard to believe that you're only 4. I feel like you should be turning 5. I don't know why this is....maybe it's because you're tall. Or maybe it's because you can keep up with your big sis who's almost 7! Either way, I'm excited to watch you grow this year!
We had a fun birthday party up at Grandma Z's cabin on Memorial Day! We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Lund, John and Victoria, Dane and Andrea, Bronson and Grandma Z! Grandma made you a beautiful rainbow cake just like you wanted! 
You started preschool this year and you love your teacher, Mrs. Yngsdal! Most days you love to go but lately you've been wanting to stay home with me. Your favorite day is gym day! 
You are full of sass and sparkle. You're tough. You're brave.You've got attitude. You're goofy and sensitive. You like to do things you're not supposed to do. :)
I think your least favorite thing is helping around the house. When we ask you to help, you're all of a sudden "too hot" or "too tired" or "your arms hurt."
You do everything in your power to keep up and be like Ava but at the same time you are one of a kind, original, Jaina. 
We love you so, so much! 
Happy Birthday sweetie pie!

  • lbs (coming soon)
  • inches (coming soon)
  • size 6-6x
  • size 10-11 shoe

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