Sunday, January 31, 2016


I've had lots on my mind lately....

Last Sunday marked the one year anniversary of our move to Minnesota. So much has happened in the past year...
We lived with Mom and Dad for five months! I'm so thankful that everything worked out the way it did and that they were gracious enough to let us storm their peaceful existence and overtake them with kids and toys and laundry. :)
We bought a house in June and moved to Duluth. While it is a lovely old house, it has not disappointed with the number of projects to be tackled. 
Donald turned 30. :)
There was not just one, but two weddings last year! Both Andrea and John were married. 
I learned that there is such a fine line when it comes to health. I no longer get lips stay their normal size and I haven't had that tight feeling of anxiety for a whole year. I'm thankful for every experience we've had in life. We can always learn something from every path that life takes us down. 
Ava started Kindergarten. She loves it.

Which brings me to the next topic. Ava had her school conference last week and she made me proud. Highlights were that she works well with everyone and is empathetic towards her classmates. The standard for knowledge of high frequency words (like "me, the, at, the, but" etc) is 16. By the end of the year they should know 60. Ava knows 83. 

The weather turned yesterday and it was 41 degrees and sunny. Sunshine does something for me that nothing else can. It improves life by 100%. It's warm and sunny again today. I know it won't last long but I love the promise of spring right around the corner. 

This might sound funny, but Orion stands in my window every night. The skylight above the bed frames him perfectly and there is something comforting about him standing there....He never fails to turn my thoughts to the One who put the stars there.

I went through my box of cards and letters yesterday. Some brought tears to my eyes and others brought smiles. It's funny how time changes even the smallest things. When I moved away, my birthday cards from Mom and Dad were signed by 6 people....As the years went by that number got smaller as kids grew up. It's funny how things like that can hit you and make you feel the speed at which time flies. 

When I had a miscarriage before Jaina, I thought I would never heal. The pain and grief I felt was something I had never felt before. Besides that, having a miscarriage isn't a hot topic of conversation so it was a lonely time. Life went on for everyone else, but not for me. Grief is a strange thing. I thought I would be sad forever. 
I came across my discharge papers yesterday and I was surprised to find that I barely remembered that I had even gone through all of that. It's proof that time heals. I'm thankful for that. I couldn't even tell you when it happened and I thought that the day would be etched in my memory forever. I was wrong....and I'm thankful for that too. 

I've been thinking about all of the people we've come to know over the years, Special people. People that have made such a lasting impact on our lives. I like to think about how life takes us in different directions and we cross paths with people who become the most special to us. Sometime we wonder why we are where we are but when I look back, I think about the people who have rooted themselves into our hearts and I'm thankful to have been where we have been. 
The one regret I have is not telling those people how much they mean to us. 

Well, the sun is shining and the soup is on the stove.

Until next time....

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