Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Ava's teacher call me a few weeks ago and confirmed something that I had been suspecting for quite a while. She needed glasses. 

"Ava has been squinting and covering one eye to see the smartboard." 

Not something that any parent wants to hear....especially one who had glasses by second grade and bifocals by seventh. 

I made and appointment right away at Lens Crafters because you get your glasses in an hour.

After Ava's exam, the Dr. told her that she was going to put two lenses up and asked if it helped her see better. 
At the moment those two little lenses moved in front of her eyes, her whole face lit up. 

It brought tears to my eyes. 

Her expression was a look of amazement and she said, "Yeah! I can see!"

She picked out a pair of purple glasses and then we shopped. I think she asked me every three minutes what time it was and if it was time to get her new glasses.
When we walked out of the store with her brand new glasses she said, "The floor looks deep!" 
She walked along the wall, hand over hand, amazed at how close and clear everything was.
She had a little bit of an adjustment wearing them....she was shy about people seeing her with her glasses on. 

I'm amazed at how even her reading has changed! No wonder she pretty much failed the dot math test last month. 

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