Wednesday, June 3, 2015


  • 35 lbs
  • 39.25 inches
  • 4T-5T clothes
  • size 10-11 shoe
Dear Jaina,
You are our little spitfire. You're brave, goofy and independent. 
You turned three today...It's hard to believe that you're only three. You seem much older than that.
We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Lund, Great Grandma Jean, Great Grandma Z and Auntie Lynne. 
You got a bike for your birthday...I was afraid it was going to be too big for you but you love to ride it and I'm amazed at how brave you were to just hop on and do it yourself. You still need a little help with it but I think that in a week or two you'll be zooming around. 
You love your big sis. You look up to her and you want to be like her. I love when you play together.
You love adventure and you're proud of being a "country girl."
Rarely are you picky about your clothes...which is nice because you'll wear whatever we ask you to wear.
I think your favorite thing in the world is ketchup. Seriously. You eat bottles of it.
Most kids I know sleep with stuffed animals and babies. Not you. While you do have your favorite stuffed animals, I often find your bed full of hard toys, books and occasionally, the bathroom stool. I sometimes wonder how you get any sleep. 
You manage to produce the biggest tears I have ever seen. One blink of your eyes and they just come rolling down your cheeks. Luckily, they go just as fast as they come.
Your latest little thing is what you say to me when you get in trouble. One night I put you to bed for the umpteenth time and when you finally got in trouble for getting out of bed, you started crying. As I walked out the door you said, "But Mom, I thought you loved me!" It turns out that this can be embarrassing, especially in the grocery store....when you get in trouble, you turn on the tears and say, "Do you still love me Mama?" Of course I love you my dear...more than you will ever know. 
"I'm sorry" comes quickly for you and you love to give kisses. 
"Ganks" means "Thanks"
I love that you are your own little person. 
Happy Birthday sweetie....Mommy and Daddy love you bunches.

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