Thursday, August 7, 2014


Ava bit her finger during supper while eating her green bean like a rabbit. Panic and screaming ensued. She put a band-aid on it.
"Mom, my finger is humping. I can feel it. That's when you know something's not right of your body when you can feel it humping. I can really feel it." 
"Maybe your band-aid's on too tight?"
"Oh yeah, right. Maybe it is."
I was unaware that Jaina was putting globs of butter on her plate and eating it with her fork until she said, "Mom, this is wicious!" (delicious)

Jaina has a devious streak. For the second time, she found a pair of scissors and cut a huge hole in her new shirt. :( It was pretty dramatic for both of us.  

On a walk tonight.
"Jaina, you have to keep up or you have to ride your bike."
"Mom! You not be bossy!!!"

"Ganks berry much!"
(Ava used to say Granks) :) 

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