Thursday, June 12, 2014


  • 15 lbs 13.5 oz (over 95%)
  • 24 3/4 inches (95%)
  • head 16 1/4 inches (80%)
  • size 3 diapers
  • mostly 9 month clothes
We couldn't ask for a better baby! He's been sleeping 7-8 hours straight at night...last night he went to bed at 6:30 pm and woke up at 4 am. Almost ten hours! He ate and went back to bed. His favorite sleeping position is his tummy.
He doesn't seem to be affected much by what I eat which is nice but he's a once a week pooper so the day or two before it happens is usually when he's most fussy.
He's a smiley, talkative baby. He love his sisters. :) I think his favorite thing (besides his mama's lap) is when Ava sings to him. He cheers right up and starts cooing.
I don't know who he looks like yet...Donald thinks he looks like my Dad and brothers. I think he has his Daddy's eyebrows. :)
He finally likes his swing and he's usually pretty content in the car unless he has gas or he's hungry. 
He prefers to turn his head to the right so it's getting a little flat on that side...need to work on that. Maybe it's time for the Bumbo? I think he needs more tummy time first. :)
I wonder if it's time for a haircut? Only the top is growing!

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