Saturday, May 24, 2014


"Feed me Mama!"
It seems like Oscar has changed and grown so much in the last two weeks! We hit the baby jackpot with this one...He has been so easy! For the last week he has been sleeping for 6 hours straight at night. Seriously. I'm probably jinxing myself by writing this, but it goes something like this: Bed at 10, up at 4 and then back to sleep till morning sometime or bed at 9, up at 1, back to sleep and up at 7 and then back to sleep for a couple more hours. Basically, we're getting really good sleep. Jackpot. (knock on wood). 

How is it the babies know when you're going to sit down and eat supper? They must have a sixth sense. 

Oscar's fussy time is in the evening after supper...seems like he just wants to eat and eat and eat. He's pretty social between 8 and 10 pm. 
Speaking of social, he started talking! He'll be reading next. :) Just kidding. No really....he's started making all kinds of noises and saying "Ah-goo" :) It's amazing all the the things that change in just a week or two!

He's growing out of his 3 month clothes...He's been wearing 6 month clothes for a couple of days. I think his diapers are getting a tad small too...moving up to 3's for the next box I think. 

So, where there's a baby, there's poop. If you're wondering why Oscar is sitting on a changing pad in his's because he has just had his first poop in 9 days and it was a doozy. We weren't taking any chances! We had been waiting and waiting for him to fill his diaper. Excitement. After rubbing his tummy and pumping his legs for a couple of days, he finally went. He was sitting on my lap and did his first little business. I grabbed the changing pad (mama instinct maybe?) and put it under him, still on my lap. He did some more business and then I laid him down to change him. He was covered in poop. All the way up his back and out his leg holes. Lets just say it all ended with a bath. I even scrubbed it out of his armpits. Fun times. I hope it doesn't happen again in the middle of the night. 
Ava was quite concerned for her little brother. "Mama! His poop looks like the color of pumpkin skin! Does he have a tummy ache?Is he going to be ok, like for the rest of his life!?!"

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