Sunday, April 20, 2014


Ava and Jaina both had a blast with Grandma Lund when she came to stay with us when Oscar was born. They took lots of walks, went to the beach, played outside, went to the park, made muffins and cookies....I'm thankful for the memories they made with her. It's hard to be away from grandparents so I'm glad for the times they have together. 

In the past few weeks, Jaina has started talking in two and three word phrases. My favorite is when it's time for bed and the whole way up the stairs she's saying, "cared rawr" and pretending to be scared. (She's scared of the bear.) :) Then she picks up a Berenstain Bear book and reads it to herself. "Papa Rawr" 
She'll say things like "Baby eat too?" "Dad work too?"
She'll give an attempt at almost any word. :) 
She loves her little brother but she's still adjusting to the fact that she's given up her spot on Mama's lap. 
She's also taken to singing with her sister. :)
She needs to have at least two books and all of her animals and babies in her bed when she goes to sleep....I don't know how she has any room to lay down!!!
Funny thing that Ava said....
"Oooo! That gives me the shiver creeps!" 
When she tells a story, the whole thing goes like this:
"And then I was like...and then she was like...and then I was like.."
(She sounds like a teenager)

We're so excited for Grandpa Waldo to come and see us! Four more days!

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