Thursday, March 6, 2014


"Ava, I washed all of your sheets today! Do they smell all fresh and clean?"
(huge sniff of the pillow)
"Ummm...not excessively."

"Mom, I'm all ready!"
"For what?"
"The day!"

"Haha! Tap look at this picture of you!"
(Tap wasn't interested.)
"Hmm...I guess Tap doesn't appreciate pictures because he's a dog."

"Ava, quit bugging Jaina."
"I can't help it! I'm too playful!"

Ava has really taken off on her bike riding! It just makes me so happy to watch her pedal back and forth on our dead end street. 

Jaina wanted to fly an airplane on the computer but I told her she had to wait for Daddy to get home. Ava said, "But how is he supposed to fly with her if he has bacteria in his throat?"
(he had strep throat)

Ava tried calling Grandpa Waldo on Facetime and it just rang and rang. She said, "Mom! Robert is not answering the phone!!"
(how does she know these things? We don't call him Robert...she claims she read it...)

She's decided she doesn't ever want to have a baby. 
Jaina is picking up on a bunch of new expressions.

"Jaina, be careful with that book, okay?"

"Mama, dis!"
"That's your water bottle, Jaina."
"Oh, oh, oh yeah."

"Jaina, do you want a snack?"
"I, I, I, I yes."

When she gets ready to run around or jump she says,

"Do you need your diaper changed?"

"You ready for breakfast?"

"Jaina, be careful with the door!"
"Because you don't want to break it."
(and this goes on and on...)

Tucking Jaina into bed:
"I love you Jaina."
"What Jaina?"
"I, I, I, I, I,"
"Love you?"
"Umm yeah."

It's so neat to listen to her learn new words. When she first tries to say a new word she barely whispers it...trying it out first before she says it louder. New words lately:
This picture was taken last week at 36 weeks.
I'm 37 weeks today...I had an appointment but nothing to write home about.
3 weeks seems like a long time.
I'm tired and my feet and hands swell sometimes but for the most part I'm good. 
I hope it stays that way.
Except for sleeping...hips and legs ache all night long.
Oh, and I. can't. breathe.  
I'm thankful for cool weather.
I hope it stays cool.
I hope this baby comes on time. 

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