Monday, February 3, 2014


"Mom, why doesn't my shadow smile when I smile?"

"Why is there a thumping in my foot when I sit on it?"

"Why doesn't the baby drowned in your tummy with all that water in it?"

"How does the baby grow in there?"

"How can I see the same clouds in the sky when we're driving really fast?"

"Mom! Look at my uvula!"

"Why can't we see God?"

"How are we going to get up to God if we don't have angel wings?"

"What are we going to wear if we don't pack all our stuff to go up to God?"

"Do you think we can wear pink angel wings?"

"Where are we going to live in Heaven if we don't have a house?"

"I don't want to get bigger! I want to wear my baby clothes!"

"My dress is thumpy!!"

"I wear a skirt under my dress so I don't scratch my knees when I fall down."

"I can't clean anything! I'm too sweaty!"

"My legs are itchy! My hair is too tight! I have a wedgie! My sleeves are too long! My socks are thumpy!"

"Mama, I think you're the best."

She loves to dance and sing the songs that no one has heard before ~ the songs she makes up as she goes along. 

She hates to clean up her toys.

She loves life and misses her Grandmas and Grandpas.

She's a really, really good big sister even though they fight most of the time. Play time is getting much better. 

I love when she comes up with me when I put Jaina down for a nap and she stands at the door and sings her a "goodnight" song. 

Most of the time she's so, so sweet and then there are other times when she just drives me crazy! Is this normal? I sure hope so because sometimes I wonder if she'll ever learn! :)

"Dad! Open your mouth so I can see your teeth and your gumps!"
(See picture of Daddy's mouth below - teeth, lips, gumps, tongue and uvula) :)

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