Monday, November 25, 2013


Ava is so excited for Thanksgiving. She gets excited about any kind of party, celebration and even potlucks. We were talking about what we were going to do for Thanksgiving and she threw her arms up into the air and said, "We're gonna have a holibration!!!" Makes sense! 

Ava has taken an interest in colors. She asks me all the time what color two other colors will make when you mix them. When she paints, she has more fun mixing paint than actually painting. We'll be riding in the car and she'll randomly ask me something like, "What do orange and blue make?" 

On a recent Skype session with Ava while we were in Scotland she told us all about echolocation. I asked her what echolocation was and with great enthusiasm and hand gestures she explained that, "They (animals like bats and dolphins) put the sound out there and then it hits and comes right back!"

Ava had the stomach flu a couple of days ago...It was not fun. She did manage to make me smile though in the middle of the night when I gave her a half of a Pepto Bismol tab to help her tummy. As she chewed it she said, "Oooh! It tastes like round pink bananas!"

Endless, endless chatter. A lot of it doesn't make sense but she's got quite the imagination. 
"Good days are worth waiting for and getting up out of your beds!"

She's figured out how to ask Siri questions on her Ipad. "How does glass break when it falls on the floor?"
The internet was especially slow and she told Siri, "Just use your voice to reconnect the internet!" 

We have a speller on our hands! Ava loves to sound out and write words. She spelled Tap the other day all by herself. Three letter words are easiest but it seems like she's catching on...

Jaina is changing. She's having less crabby days. So awesome. This morning I went in to get her out of her crib. It was 9 am and I hadn't heard a peep from her yet. I opened the door and saw her laying on her back with her feet on the wall between the slats and holding her puppy. She looked up and gave me a big grin. She's so fun to be around when she's happy. I think her favorite word is "No!" :)

Both of Jaina's bottom eye teeth have come just the top ones...

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