Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This sweet dog showed up at the farm the other day. She followed Selena home on her run. Someone probably dumped her and left her to fend for herself. Donald brought her home last night and she was so covered in fleas that it took 3 baths to get her decent. I think she was grateful. We named her Susie after a dog from Ava's favorite book, "Charlie the Ranch Dog."
Keeping an eye on the kids.
 I think she's a Black Mouth Cur but I'm not an expert on dog breeds. 
 Susie didn't want to be left alone on the porch. We sat out there with her and she settle right down and chewed her bone.
She looks happy doesn't she?
 Jaina loved her and Susie tolerated quite well.

Isn't she beautiful? I sure wish we could keep her but she needs lots of space to run and we don't have that. Donald and I are both softies when it comes to dogs....Does anyone want to take her home and love her? 

P.S. I think she likes to hunt. 

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