Saturday, September 15, 2012


I went on my first run today! 2 whole miles! It definitely was not easy but it sure felt good. It was a misty kind of morning, the air was cool and the trees were filled the sounds of strange birds and bugs. 

Jaina has had 2 good nights in a row after 2 weeks of "up all night." It's been amazing. :)

Ava has been especially wild. Her "little will" as Lyle calls it, needs to be B.R.O.K.E.N. I am amazed at how naughty she can be one minute and how sweet and adorable she is the next. 
This morning she told me she had a "frog in her froat." :)

Post pregnancy hormones are awesome. At the rate I'm losing my hair, I feel that I'll be bald in a week!!

Proof that my husband works too much:
He went to the bedroom to change his clothes so that we could go to town. I asked him if he was going to wear some pants when I saw him by the door putting on his shoes wearing just a shirt and underwear. He won't admit that he forgot his pants - he'll tell you he was trying to make me laugh. Hilarious. 

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