Friday, July 27, 2012


Happy 3rd Birthday! Daddy and I love you more than you will ever know. You've changed our lives for the bring us so much joy...and you're our greatest challenge. :) You act like you're 3 going on 13 and I forget that you're still just a little girl. I wish you could stay little forever...but you can' I'll just write a few things so that I can look back on this years from now and remember what a precious little girl you were. 
You love to sing..and do it all day long.
You love dresses...first thing every morning - you put on a dress.
You love to make friends. It doesn't matter who they are, their age or what they look like - you love to make friends. (Like at the mall the other day when you chased a girl around the play area asking her what her name was until she told you and you both played like best friends for hours and gathered as many kids as you could to play with you. You melt my heart.) 
Princesses...they are your life right now. 
You're tenderhearted. When mommy cries, you cry and wipe my tears. 
Sometimes you can be a real challenge to deal with but you still manage to be cute.
To you, everything is "beautiful!"
You're a social butterfly. :) Talk, talk and talk some more.
You'll ask any random person what their name is and tell them something about yourself. 
You've learned how to manipulate and you're oh so good at it! You sure know how to get what you want!
You've got an attitude..and a little probably get that from your mommy. :)
You'd rather just wear your hair down and in your eyes. love shopping. 
You've got an amazing memory...better than ours most of the time! 
You love art projects..coloring, painting, drawing...
You don't like to be want us to sit with you, eat with you, play with you, talk to you, paint with you...
You're little miss independent and you aim to please..."Can I do it?"
I think you've got the "firstborn perfectionist syndrome." :)
Energy...oh boy do you have energy!!
The list goes on...I want to cherish every day that I have with you ...I want the best for you. I long for you to have a life full of love and joy...I wish I could just keep you small and hold you forever. 

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